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Housing Services

Helping Families finding a place to call home

Starting as a small shelter program in 1986, Homefirst has been at the forefront of best practices and remains flexible and responsive to meet the changing needs of our communities.  Homefirst manages 56 units of property. Our housing units are located throughout Union County in several townships, including:

  • Cranford ~ 5 Units
  • Plainfield ~ 39 Units
  • Scotch Plains ~ 3 Unit
  • Summit ~ 4 Units
  • Westfield ~ 6 Units

A home is the most critical need any child and family requires to feel safe and to grow into healthy and productive members of a community. When families face homelessness, they typically deal with crisis in ways that negatively effect their children. The stress of pending homelessness or being in a homeless situation is a crisis that Homefirst is most effective at in helping families and communities thrive. Families are provided with access to several services that create stability, including:

  • Affordable Housing for qualified families and individuals who are homeless or low-income and seeking affordable, long term permanent housing. Homefirst develops, acquires or manages affordable rental housing, manages our real estate assets for quality and stability, and provides comprehensive resident based services based upon our belief that affordable housing is the first and most significant step toward self-sufficiency.
  • Supportive Housing, which includes the coordination of services with placement in affordable homes made available to individuals, seniors and families who are living with a disability and are homeless.  Supportive housing is permanent, affordable, lease-based housing for people of low income who have access to flexible supportive services provided by Homefirst.  
  • Supportive housing is designed for people with special needs including those with mental, physical and developmental disabilities and people who are homeless.  
  • Supportive services can vary but often include case management, care coordination, job and education coaching, assistance with daily living skills, transportation assistance, access to public entitlements and crisis intervention.

Our supportive housing program result in individuals living independently in communities of their choice.

hispanic family

The Transitional Housing Program provides homeless families with an affordable place to live for an average of 24 months in coordination with supportive services such as job training, educational counseling, job placement, financial literacy training, referral to social services, transportation solutions, and more.  The Homefirst Transformational Housing Model:

  • Creates access to the right set of opportunities and then equips families with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to permanently solve their homelessness.
  • Transform lives through hope and opportunity by changing the odds for children and their families.

Homefirst transitional housing program is a complete solution for family homelessness, but it doesn’t stop there.  When you transform families now, you transform families for generations to come.  Through Homefirst, families discover hope and opportunities and forever change the course of their lives.  Parents become role models, children excel in school, and new opportunities become possible for families and communities.