Fundraise For Us

Third Party Fundraisers

Third party groups have successfully initiated fundraisers that reflect our shared values and goals and the unique talents and interests that independent groups bring to our work. Third party fundraisers have included cocktail and dinner parties sponsored by community groups, Girl Scout projects, holiday collections by businesses, fundraising drives by bar/bat mitzvah and confirmation confirmands, and other wonderful ideas.

If you are interested in initiating a third party fundraiser, please contact us at (908) 753-4001.

Homefirst Heroes doing great things!

Since 2017, Sophia Braun has organized the Make-A-Splash swim-a-thon to raise funds for Homefirst!  Sophia was recognized as a Homefirst Hero in 2018.  See her amazing work.

Benjamin Serna, also a Homefirst Hero, collected individualized halloween costumes for children in need.  Homefirst children were able to wear their favorite character, thanks to the hard work of Benjamin.

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