Homefirst has 16 full-time staff members and over 300 volunteers (annually) from diverse local communities to fulfill the work of its programs and mission.

Debbie Ann-LU

Debbie-Ann Anderson
Executive Director

Recently in August 2015, the Board of Trustees of Homefirst appointed Debbie-Ann Anderson as its new Executive Director.  Anderson has a successful record as an executive in non-profit management for over 12 years having worked as the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for United Way of Greater Union County for 8 of those years.  She has an extensive corporate, non-profit and community affairs background and is responsible for the management and execution of organizational strategies. Homefirst key program and management staff have significant experience and demonstrate a record of achievement working within the network of programs of the NJ Department of Children and Families, NJ Department of Human Services, Union County Department of Human Services and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Michael Zemble


(908) 753-4001 ext. 115

Jasmine Levers

Office Manager/Executive Assistant

(908) 753-4001 ext. 112

Joel Mercado

Senior Development and Communications Associate

(908) 753-4001 ext. 117

Gabriella Gomez

Development Manager

(908) 753-4001 ext. 125

Nicole McKenzie

Accounting Manager

(908) 753-4001 ext. 116

Jackie Clemons

Accounting Clerk

(908) 753-4001 ext. 126

Tara Hilliard

Property and Branding Manager

(908) 753-4001 ext. 113

Mercy Mwaura

Director of Housing and Supportive Services

(908) 753-4001 ext. 123

Cuthbert Ashby- Special Needs (HOPWA and Ryan White)

Special Needs Coordinator

(908) 753-4001 ext. 132

Conrad Melendez

Family Support and Prevention Coordinator

(908) 753-4001 ext. 130

Jackie Crespo

Director, Plainfield Family Support Center

(908) 753-4001 ext. 121

Conrad Melendez

Family Support and Prevention Coordinator

(908) 753-4001 ext. 130

Leslie Price

Family Support Specialist

(908) 753-4001 ext. 122

Karla Spivey

Director, Hillside Family Success Center

(908) 409-2962 ext. 1

Natasha Spruill

Hillside Family Support Specialist

(908) 409-2962 ext. 2

Cuthbert Ashby

Special Needs Coordinator

(908) 753-4001 ext. 132

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